Why Bakeries Turn to Frozen Bakery Products

A bread roll baked from frozen dough or a roll made from dough handmade in-store will both taste fresh and fluffy, and sweet. Why, then, should a bakery forego the time and money savings that can come from partnering with a frozen bakery supplier?

At any stage of a bakery business, frozen products can be a helpful addition. Frozen products can ensure consistency whether your company is just starting and can use all the savings involved or you run a growing or franchising business.

Benefits of Using Frozen Products in a Bakery Business

Bakeries add frozen products to their baked goods production for many reasons, including:

Product Consistency

With multiple bakery employees working different shifts on different days, product consistency can be a tricky thing to master. While recipes will remain the same and thorough training is helpful, getting each made-from-scratch bun, cookie, or flatbread to taste the same for every customer order may not be possible.

This issue expands if your bakery business franchises out into multiple locations. Starting your company’s signature products with frozen pizza dough or frozen cinnamon roll dough made by a trusted supplier can solve many consistency problems.

Time and Labor Savings

Starting with frozen bakery products rather than making every dough, batter, filling, and frosting from scratch will cut down on time and money. This fact is especially true as cost inflation and supply chain shortages can affect the bakery industry.

Frozen bakery products can cost much less than purchasing individual ingredients in bulk and having adequate space to store all those bulk ingredients. On top of this, if a bakery does not use fresh ingredients quickly enough, there is a high possibility of food spoilage and waste.

Buying frozen dough and other bakery products from high-quality frozen bakery manufacturers can significantly cut down on food waste and the cost of ingredients. Thawing products as needed rather than making large batches from scratch will produce less food waste over time.

Cutting costs with frozen products also allows more room in the budget for the highest quality toppings and additional ingredients. Customers can taste the difference with these high-quality elements, which will help set your baked goods apart from the competition.

Not only do baked goods take time to create from scratch, but additional time also goes into training bakery staff. Training and production time can be reduced significantly by introducing frozen products.

Baked Goods Variety

When you make every batter and dough by hand, there is less time and opportunity for experimentation. Introducing frozen dough and other products into the baking process allows for more creativity with product types, fillings, toppings, and flavors.

For example, your bakery may turn one batch of frozen pizza dough into pizzas, flatbreads, cinnamon rolls, breadsticks, and calzones. Each of these products can vary with different flavors and toppings, creating an extensive menu of bakery products.

Efficiently providing custom orders is another advantage of using frozen products. The ease of creating product variety not only allows your bakery to create an exciting product menu, but you will also be able to fulfill personalized customer requests. Many customers are willing to pay more for customized products, such as including nostalgic flavors, coloring baked goods to match a company brand, holiday, or party theme, and creating products in unique sizes.

Keeping Up With Trends

The ability to create a variety of different bakery products and experiment with new ideas will also help your business keep up with popular trends. If there’s a hot new flavor that everyone loves, pre-made and frozen products will help your bakery quickly and efficiently come up with and test a new menu item to fit the trend.

Keeping up with trends also includes adding bakery products that adhere to common dietary needs. Vegan and gluten-free products are currently very popular. Many frozen dough suppliers offer products that fit dietary needs and restrictions, which can make it much easier for your bakery to cater to more customers.

Food Safety Assurance

Food safety is a concern in any commercial kitchen. By simplifying the production process by including frozen bakery products made by high-quality, trusted suppliers, you also ensure a higher level of food safety for your bakery business.

Frozen bakery manufacturers will have product consistency and safety as a top priority. Fast-freezing products act as a method of natural preservation, keeping microorganisms from growing, and can keep doughs, bread, and other products fresh for more extended periods of time.

Whether your bakery business is just an idea beginning to form, or a large-scale expanding company, there is a place for including frozen bakery products in your kitchen. Consider taking advantage of the cost and time savings, ease of product variety, food safety assurances, and high consistency that come from working with frozen bakery manufacturers.


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