When to Consider Using Frozen Dough for Your Pizza Products

If you’re ready to add pizza products to your food business or scale up on current production, frozen and par-baked dough may help your company reach new goals. Frozen and ready pizza dough can help speed up prep and production, especially during peak seasons, cut down on the amount of equipment and raw ingredients needed, and can keep the quality of your pizza, bread, calzones, breadsticks, and other pizza products consistent.

You may think that making dough from scratch is the best choice for your business, but frozen and par-baked doughs are less labor-intensive and could even help you save money. While you prioritize your company’s growth, switching to frozen dough could help you create signature products your customers will love with lower costs and higher efficiency.

Scaling Up

With the increased success of your food business comes the need to keep up with higher customer demand. Adding restaurants or stores to your franchise or creating new and more products for your menu will require expanding your staff, increasing labor hours, and making higher investments in equipment and food products.

Switching to frozen dough may help your restaurant or store keep pace with demand. Staff hours spent on in-house dough-making include scaling, mixing, dividing, rounding, and cleaning up, not to mention the extra training time necessary to bring staff up to speed. Completing these tasks with the same quality and efficiency will become harder as your business expands.

With a growing food business, you will also have to keep up with shifts in food demand. Products sold will increase or decrease due to seasonality, food cost instability, or even with unpredictable and unanticipated larger orders.

Working with pre-made dough will allow you to bake as needed and ensure that you will never end up without enough dough or with way too much at the end of the day. Needs change, and frozen and par-baked dough gives your business flexibility while you cut down on food waste.

Adding New Products

Once your business has built up loyal customers in support of your own signature food products, it may be time to expand your offerings. When adding new products to the menu, you will need to consider how these will affect your regular food costs, including additional time for prep and production, and the possible need for increased staff. If you do not plan for these adjustments, you may find that your stores are unable to keep up with certain tasks. One such time-consuming task is hand-making dough. Using frozen and par-baked dough may assist in the creation of new menu items by streamlining the food preparation process.

Starting with pre-made dough could cut down on preparation time and create a consistent base for your new signature pizzas. Produce a wider variety of baked goods for your customers to discover and enjoy, with less time and money spent on labor.

Increasing Consistency

When it comes to hand-made food products, items made by two different people will never turn out exactly the same. You want your customers to be able to recognize and love the food coming from every one of your stores, kitchens, and staff members. Even if you’re putting in the time and money to train each employee in charge of making pizza dough in order to create as much consistency as you can, you will still run into issues during any staff shortages or changeover.

Frozen dough ordered from and created by a trusted bakery that uses the finest natural ingredients will provide your customers with the most consistent pizza products. The pizza dough balls you order will all be made in the same facility, with the same carefully monitored recipes. Your pizza products will come out consistently across all baking days and between different and even new staff members. One inconsistent pizza from your store or restaurant may result in a lost customer. Pre-made products could help to protect your business’s reputation.

Is Frozen Dough Right for Your Business?

If you’re looking at making the switch, you may find that you’ll be paying more upfront for pre-made dough balls than you would be making it in-house. However, when you factor in the costs of bulk raw ingredients, kitchen equipment costs and maintenance, dedicated storage space, and increased staff labor and training time, frozen pizza dough will most likely save you money in the long run.

If you’ve weighed out all the benefits and are ready to try pre-made or frozen dough for your business’s pizza products, make sure to extensively research the commercial bakeries available. There are a lot of pizza dough manufacturers to choose from, and you want your customers to be as happy with your new pizza products as they are with your current offerings. Don’t settle for a supplier that won’t deliver the best.

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