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Director of Bakery Support

Trisha Norman

Trisha Norman

Trisha began her baking career at a retail grocery store chain and quickly became a supervisor. She again sharpened her skills and not long after was promoted to manager. Trisha began working with and training other bakery associates at various store locations in the Davis and Salt Lake Valleys. Between the decadent confections she created to the delightfully designed in-store displays, she drove sales and gained new customer. Trisha’s tact and thoughtful attitude kept the employee turn over low and repeat customer volume high. The relationships she cultivated then are still with her today, working directly with buyers of grocery and C-stores.

Trisha was invited to join the Janey Lou’s family as a Bakery Technician. In less than 2 years, she quickly rose through the ranks to become our Director of Bakery Support. As the Director of Bakery support, she is responsible for employees in her preceding position, working with our production staff as well as managing the Janey Lou’s Test and Development Kitchen.

The Test Kitchen is where Trisha really shines, creating new and savory breads and doughs to delicious cookies and treats. She works with vendors and suppliers to ensure Janey Lou’s gets the best quality ingredients at a fair price. Products developed in the Test Kitchen are made in much smaller batches using smaller equipment such as mixers and ovens. A recipe’s ingredients cannot simply be multiplied for a larger yield. Trisha works with production management and machine operators to dial in and fine tune the ingredients and methods needed to duplicate the results on a grander scale.

In her down time, she loves camping and spending time with her husband Dennis and when possible, their 4 daughters and 2 grandchildren. She also enjoys riding in their side-by-side ATV and the occasional murder mystery podcast.

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At Janey Lou’s, we create and customize bakery products using the best ingredients available. From cookies to our world famous cinnamon rolls, our large catalogue helps deliver smiles to every counter top.