Transition To A
True Artisan Bakery

We develop, customize and manufacture any bakery item to fit your unique operations and needs.

The Legacy Continues

Since the beginning, our family has always strived to produce bakery products that are known for quality. While we have had to increase our capacity and improve manufacturing processes through automation, we have remained loyal to several traditional techniques that set us apart. We have found ways to keep our products unique and innovative while still producing meaningful quantities for large supply chains. We have a fully staffed product development and tech support team working with our customers to create customized items that separate any foodservice chain. One thing is for sure, quality always has a customer, and we focus on higher-end food service and bakery items that help distinguish our customers from their competitors.

Transition To A True Artisan Bakery
Transition To A True Artisan Bakery

We are a manufacturer that is agile and flexible. We have done our best to maximize our capabilities to produce various products at scale. Our business started in brownies, crispy rice treats, and our signature peanut butter bar, and we quickly expanded to frozen doughs.

We now operate three fully automated sheeted dough lines producing cinnamon rolls, our signature honeybee roll with sweet cream butter center, cutout-shaped sugar cookies, pizza, and more. We are also a premier drop cookie plant and produce the most unique and creative over-the-top cookies that can be manufactured.

We produce several hundred thousand cookies per day. We are USDA inspected, and our product portfolio includes meat-filled items such as kolaches, pig in a blanket, and savory meat pies.

It’s been proven repeatedly in our business that quality matters, which sets our customers and us apart. A lot can be done in our bakery to enhance a product’s quality, flavor, and texture, but nothing will ever replace “baked in-store.”

The best bakery products come hot out of the oven, so we have formulated our recipes to be as consistent and easy to prepare in-store as possible, giving chains with multiple locations the ability to deliver consistency and quality for which the consumer will return quickly.

Ready to Bake Goods from Our Kitchen to your Customers

At Janey Lou’s, we create and customize bakery products using the best ingredients available. From cookies to our world famous cinnamon rolls, our large catalogue helps deliver smiles to every counter top.