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Bakery Technician

Toni Robison

Toni Robison

Toni started her career with her childhood dream job of making ice cream cakes. This led to her changing her degree path to study baking and pastry to learn all that she could. Baking bread was one of her favorite things to do in school, so she took a job at a local grocery store making artisan bread. While she was there, Toni jumped around to all positions in the bakery to learn every aspect of the trade. Eventually she landed doing something she loved, making pastries. She did this for a few years before she had learned all she could and was ready to do something more. This is when she found Janey Lou’s where she could use all the skills she had learned to train others and help them be as successful as possible.

In her free time, Toni loves to spend time with her fiancé, 2 dogs and her cat. She also likes to play games on her PC, draw, and paint.

Ready to Bake Goods from Our Kitchen to your Customers

At Janey Lou’s, we create and customize bakery products using the best ingredients available. From cookies to our world famous cinnamon rolls, our large catalogue helps deliver smiles to every counter top.