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Bakery Technician

Todd Bishop

Todd Bishop

Todd started working in the baking industry at age 16 when a neighbor, who was an instore bakery manager, recruited him. After 3 years, he opted to pursue school and took on a daytime job in a pizza store. He was a great help in the early stages of mixing and preparing the dough. After graduating with a computer science degree, Todd spent a few years working with some quality control aspects testing software.

Todd eventually discovered that he was more fulfilled with my occupation when I was back in a bakery. I returned to the very same bakery that I had started with some 30 years earlier. Later Todd become aware of a technician position with Janey Lou’s. It has a great fit! Todd enjoys trying new formulas, baking, and then share best practices with others.

In his spare time Todd enjoys family trips to Bear Lake Utah, Theater, Gardening, and home projects.

Ready to Bake Goods from Our Kitchen to your Customers

At Janey Lou’s, we create and customize bakery products using the best ingredients available. From cookies to our world famous cinnamon rolls, our large catalogue helps deliver smiles to every counter top.