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Operations Manager

Spenser Kearl

Spenser Kearl

After graduating school Spenser came straight onto the production floor at Janey Lou’s. He quickly developed a personal interested in manufacturing and processes, becoming familiar with each position in the production department.

Several years after working in production Spenser was promoted to operations and helped the company in its acquisition of Jumbono’s, a frozen dough plant. In 2015 he helped the company in its move to It’s current facility in Salt Lake City. Now Spenser oversees operations including the implementation of equipment, inventory management, demand planning, and logistics.

In his free time Spenser enjoys camping, hiking, biking and all things outdoors with his wife Steph.

Ready to Bake Goods from Our Kitchen to your Customers

At Janey Lou’s, we create and customize bakery products using the best ingredients available. From cookies to our world famous cinnamon rolls, our large catalogue helps deliver smiles to every counter top.