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Business Development Manager

Parker Fillmore

Parker Fillmore

After graduating school, a year early, Parker began working in the production at Janey Lou’s. Baking is in his blood. He worked for two years gaining experience in all production positions which allowed him to learn how to operate each piece of equipment and gain valuable hands-on experience with all the companies’ products.

Parker moved to the Business Development team to gain experience in the Finance, Sales, and Product Development functions of the business. He leads new item setup, labeling, nutritional evaluation, compliance, and works closely with demand planning to ensure in stock conditions for both existing and new items.

In his free time Parker enjoys flying planes, shooting trap, lifting weights, hiking with his family, and hunting with his dad.

Ready to Bake Goods from Our Kitchen to your Customers

At Janey Lou’s, we create and customize bakery products using the best ingredients available. From cookies to our world famous cinnamon rolls, our large catalogue helps deliver smiles to every counter top.