How do you keep sandwich wraps fresh and avoid letting them get soggy?

Nothing’s quite as disappointing as waiting all day to eat the sandwich you packed only to discover that it is a soggy mess. To avoid the worst combination ever: hunger and anger, follow the tips below for keeping your wraps and sandwiches fresh when saving them for later.
How do you keep sandwich wraps fresh and avoid letting them get soggy?

Jessica Randhawa

Jessica Randhawa, Head Chef, and Owner of The Forked Spoon.

Use Parchment or Wax Paper For Wrapping

One of the best ways to keep wraps from getting soggy is by using the correct storage method. Parchment paper or wax paper is ideal for wrapping up your wrap when complete, as it not only keeps the wrap shaped correctly but it also allows it to breathe which prevents moisture build-up that makes wraps soggy.

As much as I love tomatoes, if you are not eating the wrap right away, you should avoid using them. Tomatoes tend to be very juicy, and when sliced, their moisture easily transfers.

Pack The Dressing Separately

The biggest tip I have to keep your wrap from getting soggy is to pack your dip or dressing on the side. The largest culprit of a soggy sandwich is the sauce, which although tasty, can make your wrap soggy just minutes after making it.

Instead of putting it on your wrap right away, pack the dressing separately in a container, and then dip your wrap in it as you eat it. You still get a bit of tasty dressing, and you won’t have to force down a soggy meal.

You can also butter the insides of the wrap first to create a barrier, which might help to minimize how soggy your wrap gets.

How do you keep sandwich wraps fresh and avoid letting them get soggy?

Dayna Jackson

Dayna Jackson, CEO at Wholesale Sparkle.

How do you keep sandwich wraps fresh and avoid letting them get soggy?

Franco Moiso

Franco Moiso, Co-Founder of TheSundayGrill.com.

Avoid Using Cold Ingredients

Avoid excess moisture near the bread/tortilla. There is no one way to do it because it will vary depending on the ingredients you use. But there are useful tips/guidelines:

    1. Don´t apply the sauces (like ketchup, mustard, BBQ, etc) directly to the bread/tortilla. Instead, apply them between meats or other ingredients.
    2. Try to “isolate” the bread from direct moisture. This can be done if you are using ingredients like cheese or dry meats.
    3. If possible, avoid using cold ingredients that will eventually warm. This will generate sogginess. Instead, try making the wraps from room-temperature ingredients.
    4. If your wraps are cold and you´ll be transporting them, use a cooler.

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