5 Ideas for Marketing Baked Goods Better

Running a successful food business does not simply mean creating delicious food, you also have to make sure that people know about the food you create. If you’re looking to attract more customers, and to drive up sales for your business’s baked goods, here are a few important marketing tips to follow.

1. Ramp Up Your Social Media

Anyone today will tell you that focusing on social media marketing is an absolute must. Social media sites are inexpensive and relatively easy-to-use tools. Be sure to invest in quality photography and interesting backdrops to set your food photos apart from all the other food photographs your followers will see.

Some ideas for improving your social media marketing strategy include:

  • Running Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to create excitement, especially if you time them with the introduction of new goods or products. When followers enter-to-win, they are promoting your business to all of their own friends and followers.

  • Including Videos

Video is having a lasting moment on social media. They attract more views and engagement than still photographs and can be fantastic for really showcasing your business and its offerings. Think about how enticing and mouth-watering a close up video panning over your delicious pastries will look to customers. Or, you could consider making a step-by-step baking reel using a popular recipe.

  • Using Location Tags

For every post you make on any social site, be sure to tag your business as the location. You want your beautiful food photos and videos to appear when a potential customer searches for you. Being consistent with location tags will encourage your followers to tag you as well, increasing your authority in the local baked goods space.

2. Create a Signature Recipe

Offering signature recipes can help set your food business apart from the competition. Creating a unique pastry or baked treat that is both delicious and eye-catching will generate buzz and bring in new customers as well as repeat business.

Developing a signature item doesn’t have to take up a ton of extra time and ingredients, however. If your business currently works with a commercial bakery for products such as ready made bread dough or frozen baked goods, they may also be able to assist you in coming up with something new and enticing that only your business sells, but that will still be easy for your staff to produce.

3. Get Involved in Your Community

The great majority of customers coming to your food business will be from your local community. Getting involved in fundraisers or partnering with non-profit organizations in your area will bring about great brand awareness and associations. You want the local community to feel good about supporting you.

You can also use your business’s online presence to market and bring more attention to your local area. Reach out to other businesses and support each other. Put together local guides for your community featuring your neighbors. You’ll find many businesses will return the favor, ensuring you all end up with positive promotion. What’s good for the community is good for your store.

4. Keep up with Trends and Holidays

When it comes to food, seasons, holidays, and popular trends have big and shifting impacts on what consumers buy. Rotating items on your menu to correspond with produce that is in season will not only help you save money on ingredients, it also creates more interest and anticipation.

If your customers are preparing for a big holiday, they will most likely be looking for festive offerings. Few people can resist heart shaped Valentine’s treats or decadent Christmas goodies. Creating delicious baked goods to fit in with the seasons and celebrations can significantly impact profits. Keep a calendar of all major holidays throughout the year and plan out fun and festive periodic promotions.

You are likely to take notice when significant food trends gain popularity in your community. For example, if businesses near you have been offering gluten free or low carb options, you would be wise to follow suit. Keeping up with current food journalism and social media trends can also help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what people are seeking. When your business decides to join in on a trend remember to promote it on your website and social media accounts, and maybe run a food giveaway as well.

5. Show off Reviews

Before visiting a new bakery or food business, most people will first seek out reviews. Making it easier for potential customers to find reviews will greatly increase the likelihood they will visit your store.

Be sure to claim your business on promotional sites such as Yelp and Google. This way, you’ll be able to link to those pages from your site and pull what your customers post for your own website or social media accounts. Positive reviews left recently make excellent and up-to-date content.

Marketing your business’s baked goods may seem like an overwhelming task, but these ideas and tips will help get you on the right foot and your delicious treats into your customer’s hands.


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