5 Benefits of Ready-To-Use Dough

Fresh is always best, isn’t that right? Well, not necessarily. High-quality frozen dough may just be the right tool to help bring your business to the next level. Whether you’re starting out with a small commercial kitchen, feeling the pinch with current food cost inflation, or finding it difficult to train and maintain enough staff members to support a growing store, purchasing ready-to-use dough can help cut down on costs, kitchen space, and labor.

Here are some of the great benefits of simply being able to fire up your ovens and incorporate ready-to-use doughs into your own business model.

1. Save on Space

Purchasing pre-made dough is going to guarantee you’ll save precious space in your kitchen. Cut down on the rental or purchase costs associated with larger kitchen square footage, as there will be no need to invest in the big industrial-sized mixers or other large commercial equipment that would be required if you were making everything from scratch.

You are also going to need a lot less space in freezers and pantries for bulk raw ingredients. Not having to store so many large bulk bags of flour and sugar and cartons of eggs will free up room for your favorite specialty toppings, mix-ins, and extras your customers love. It’ll give you the room to really help your business stand out from the rest.

2. Cut Down on Time

It may be obvious that baking from ready-to-use dough is going to save you time. You’ll eliminate the work involved in large process dough-making, including scaling, mixing, dividing, rounding, and cleaning up. On top of that, another advantage you’ll find is that ready made bread or pizza dough allows for the convenience of an on-demand bake off process. You’ll be able to bake multiple batches throughout the day, pulling dough from the freezer as needed, and providing your customers with the absolute freshest baked goods.

3. Decrease Labor Needed

With the current labor shortage we find ourselves in, your business may be feeling the pressure that goes along with hiring, training, and supervising a scarcity of new employees. Being able to get more done with fewer employees is going to help your business grow, expand, and keep up with customer demands despite hiring challenges. Ordering ready-to-use dough, frozen breads, frozen cinnamon rolls, pizza dough, etc, is going to allow for fewer training hours and less supervision once your staff is trained on preparing these premade doughs. Without employees strictly dedicated to dough making, tasks can be reallocated to ensure much better whole team efficiency.

4. Reduce Cost of Ingredients and Supplies

We’ve already addressed the space savings you’ll encounter with pre-made or frozen dough, but there are also significant cost savings associated with it. Buying all of the necessary bulk ingredients can be expensive, especially when you factor in the current climate of food cost inflation and instability. Ready-to-use and frozen products will allow you to know and better budget for what your costs will be ahead of time.

Ordering ready-to-use dough will also cut down significantly on food waste, which will decrease your operating costs as well. You won’t be tossing out as many expired, or unused ingredients. Order and use what you need, and bake each batch on demand. Frozen dough can last for months, which will contribute to your company’s sustainability, which as an added bonus, is actually better for the environment. This product longevity will also allow for higher flexibility when dealing with changes in local consumer demand, and of course in navigating cost fluctuation.

5. Create Consistency Across Shifts

With multiple employees in your kitchens, even with specific recipes and instructions, there are going to be inconsistencies in the products produced. This is especially true with newer employees if you don’t have the necessary staff or the time it would take for consistent training, and for constant supervision. Starting with pre-made, ready-to-use doughs that you trust, and that you know are created using the finest natural ingredients, will allow for consistent results across baking days and staff members working.

With all the discovered benefits, frozen dough is becoming more popular with bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and stores across the country. Ready-to-use dough fulfills customer desire for the fresh, consistent baked goods they’ve grown to love from your company, at a great convenience to the store. It also lends itself to an increase in product creativity, allowing you to come up with easy, tailor-made baked treats. If your business decides to use pre-made frozen pizza dough, for example, to create your own signature pizzas, breadsticks, bread loaves, or focaccia bread, starting with pre-made doughs, you’ll know that whoever is working in your kitchen will be able to replicate the same tastes and textures with every bake.


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