Why Do You Need A Frozen Goods Supplier For Your Bakery Business?

As a bakery business, you may believe every baked good product you sell should be made from scratch and in-house. But the quick turnover for baked goods can be overwhelming for any business to keep up with.

The help of a high-quality frozen baked goods supplier can eliminate a lot of operational stress. Frozen goods suppliers can assist your bakery business in easily creating custom-baked products, producing more consistent results, and saving both time and money.

Frozen Over Scratch Made

Frozen may not have the best reputation, but that is entirely undeserved. Creating custom-baked goods for your bakery but starting from, for example, frozen bread dough, can produce the same high-quality results as making the dough yourself.

1. Ease of Customization

For the best success, your bakery business should offer a variety of pastries and products. Not only an assortment of the classics, but also unique and original breads, pastries, and other offerings that will bring customers in. Creating a menu where baking every item follows an entirely different recipe will require the purchase and storage of many bulk ingredients.

Consider instead, starting your baked product customization with frozen doughs, frozen rolls, or frozen breads as your base. You will be able to create many different menu items with minimal effort. For example, starting with frozen pizza dough made by a frozen goods supplier, you could offer pizza, breadsticks, calzones, and even cinnamon rolls.

In researching the best supplier for your bakery business be sure to look for one that will work with you and allow for flexibility. You may also want to consider suppliers that offer frozen product lines that fit in with common dietary restrictions. Putting gluten-free and vegan options on the menu may help your bakery business to reach more customers and grow.

2. Quality Consistency

When baking with scratch-made doughs and bakery products, consistency is not guaranteed. Quality control will require extra time from you and extra training for all bakery staff. Starting with frozen doughs and baked goods products that have been created in the kitchen of a trusted frozen goods supplier will give you consistent results with every bake.

There’s no better way of keeping customers happy than by providing them with the same tastes they love, every time they visit. Your bakery business may be surprised to discover that the advancements made in freezing technology have allowed frozen pastries and baked goods to be indistinguishable from scratch-made.

3. Product Safety

Speaking of freezing technology, advanced fast freezing methods can actually make your baked goods safer. Fast freezing is a natural method of preservation and can keep products fresher for longer without increasing additive ingredients. When doughs are stored below -18 ° C, micro-organisms are kept from growing in them and your frozen products will not spoil.

When you freeze baked bread or other baked goods fresh out of the oven, you prevent them from going stale. With frozen breads you only need to thaw them out before serving at your bakery or store. Being able to thaw frozen products depending on customer need cuts down on product waste.

Frozen goods will also ship much easier than fresh bakery products. With cold chain continuity in place, your bakery business may be able to ship frozen foods all over the world.

4. Time-Saving

Making batch after batch of dough in-house can be very time-consuming for your bakery business. Not to mention the time it takes to train every employee tasked with the job. The old adage “time is money” comes to mind. When you consider recent staff shortages and cost of labor increases, working with a frozen goods supplier may just save your business both.

Starting your daily baking process with frozen pre-made products and doughs will free up time for your kitchen staff. To help set your bakery apart from the rest you are going to need to invest time in menu development, research, and product marketing. Rather than spending hours mixing dough from scratch, it may benefit your company to spend that time developing new and exciting original frozen product customization recipes.

5. Accessibility and Availability

With supply chain issues, seasonality, and cost inflation, ingredient accessibility and availability may not always be a guarantee. With scratch baking, your bakery business will need to purchase and keep bulk ingredients stored in-house.

In partnering with a quality frozen goods supplier, your bakery will be less impacted by shortages and inflation. With reliable delivery and shipping options for frozen products, all of your necessary doughs, frozen breads, and pastries will come right to you.

Frozen baked goods products are easier to store, customize, and serve than in making bread and pastries from scratch. In working with a frozen goods supplier, your bakery business will find more time and money to focus on the details that will help set you apart from the competition.


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