Marketing Manager

Employment Information

Job Title Marketing Manager
Job Type Part-time
Department Business Development
Work Hours  M-F Flexible
Job Location 550 North John Glenn Rd, SLC, UT 84116
Experience  2 years in social media management
Education Requirements Bachelors Degree or equal work experience
Total Job Opening 1
Start Immediately  Yes

Employer Overview

Founded in 2005, sisters Becky “Jane” and Angie “Lou”, began making Rice Crispy treats for their deli in Spanish Fork, Utah. Using only the best ingredients available, including real marshmallows and real butter, the quality was apparent, and the treats proved so popular that local convenience stores and deli’s began requesting them for their own stores, and a new business was born.

Their commitment to quality has given Janey Lou’s recognition as the premier bakery for Crispies, Brownies and of course our signature Peanut Butter Bar.


2 years in social media management. Experience in photoshop, MS Office Suite, photo/video taking/editing, and marketing.

Job Description

The Marketing Manager reports directly to the VP of Business Development. Job responsibilities include but are not limited to social media management, content creations (photos, and product videos), website content, campaigns, etc…


Paid Holidays and time off.

Bagel Dough